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Section I: Purpose

The Kentucky Amateur Soccer League (KASL) Youth Division has adopted these policies to provide guidelines for the operation of the KASL Youth Division and its member clubs. These policies are intended to provide modifications to the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) Laws of the game, US Youth Soccer Policy, the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association State Rules and US Club Soccer Rules and Regulations. The KASL Youth Division policies are established to supplement and to note any differences from the above rules and regulations and to further explain those differences.

Section II: League Approval

The KASL Youth Division shall maintain approval as an approved or accredited "State Tournament qualifying" league through the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association and shall provide documentation of such to any members that may exist outside of the KYSA jurisdiction in order to assist its members in their endeavor to have the KASL Youth Division recognized by other state youth associations as may be needed.

Section III: Technical and Rules Committee

The Technical and Rules Committee of the KASL Youth Division shall consist of the League Director, League Administrator, League Manager and one representative (referred to as the Club Administrator) of each member club. The Technical and Rules committee shall meet within one month after the end of the seasonal year at a place and time established by the League Director in order to discuss, among other items, the success of the prior season, any outstanding rules issues, the future season, any possible rules modifications and the status of the league membership including new teams or clubs. The Committee shall meet throughout the year as required to deal with Rules and Discipline as may be required.

1. Club Representative - Each member club shall identify their representative on the Technical and Rule Committee by July 1 of each year. The appointment shall come from the Club President or top official. Each member club may also appoint an assistant representative in the event the representative is unable to fulfill his/ her responsibilities.

2. Annual Meeting - The League Director shall establish a meeting time, location and an agenda to be distributed to member clubs at least fourteen days prior to the annual meeting.

3. Meeting attendance and quorum - All meetings except the Annual meeting may be attended by telephone. For the purpose of Rules Violations or Disciplinary actions teleconference or email discussions and votes shall be acceptable. A quorum for normal business shall simply be a majority of those committee members in attendance. For the purposes of adding new members or removing any existing clubs the vote shall be 3/4 of the entire Technical and Rules Committee.

Section IV: Club Membership

1. Club membership is limited to a specific number of members per county based upon the formula spelled out in Addendum A attached to this document. After the maximum number of members are met based upon population no new members from that county can be admitted until such time that an existing member decides to stop fielding teams or is removed from the membership for league violations. Individual teams and/ or players may be allowed to participate by working with an existing member club.

2. Club (Team) Registration - Prior to each semester each Club Administrator shall present to the League Director a complete list of teams, coaches and contact information for each team on a form that may be provided.

  • a. Team management registration submittals - For the fall semester these lists or rosters must be provided prior to July 15th. For the spring semester the list must be provided prior to February 25th.
  • b. Team players roster submittals - For all teams it will be necessary to submit a roster for each team with the minimum roster size required. This will still allow freedom to use players on any team that the player qualifies for by age. Players may play up in divisions or latterly within the same age but players may not play down in age for any purpose, thus the reason for the roster submittals to the league prior to play beginning. All rosters must be submitted to the league at least five days prior to any player being allowed to participate in league play. To clarify, a simple list of players is allowed to be submitted on game day but it is the responsibility of each member club to insure that each player is properly registered with an approved US Soccer affiliated organization. If that list has been submitted to the league office as required, then game day rosters can be checked to insure proper registrations if necessary.

Section V: Fees

Each seasonal year prior to June 15th the League Director shall submit to the Technical and Rules Committee the proposed fees for the upcoming Seasonal year to include both the fall and spring semester. Fees shall be approved based upon a simple majority vote. All club fees will be established after each semesters schedules are completed and fees are due within 30 days of receipt of the schedule and invoice each semester. Fees are due in one lump sum and will include all common field uses and referee fees for each semester.

Section VI: Scheduling

Each semester the League Director and/or the Division Coordinator will help to provide a schedule to all members to allow for a 7 to 8 game schedule during each semester. The schedule for Divisions that use a central location ( under 9 and under 10's) and specific game times shall be provided by the League within two weeks of the semester start date. Any schedules requiring home field dates to be established will require that each Club Administrator provide to the League Director or Division Coordinator their mutually agreed upon home field dates within one week of the official schedule of required games being made available by the League Director.

1. Travel Distance - For the purposes of travel the KASL Youth Division shall have Bases of Operation in Jefferson, Fayette, Kenton, Warren, Pike, Laurel, Boyd, Davies and McCracken Counties. No club shall travel more than one county away from their home county unless they agree to that arrangement prior to admission into the KASL. For the purposes of centrally located leagues, like the under 9 and under 10 divisions, longer travel distances may be required for teams located outside of a county with a base of operations in order to be able to play within the league at an approved Base of Operations. In the event that a club is allowed to participate and all or part of its opponents are beyond the travel allowed that clubs home games will be played in the nearest county with a Base of Operations.

2. Scheduling Deadlines - If a member club has not completed its home schedule prior to the deadlines as required, the League Administrator will step in and schedule the balance of their games at a neutral field in the nearest county with a base of operations.

3. Game Forfeits - If for any reason a team forfeits a game the Club responsible shall reimburse the League for the amount of the game fee and the League shall credit that amount back to the Club that was not able to play game that was forfeited. A second forfeit by the same team in the same semester will require Technical and Rules Committee review and further discipline.

Section VII: Referees

1. All referee scheduling and pay is the responsibility of the League Administrator.

2. Number of Referees (under 11 and above) - All competitive games must be officiated by a three man system. If an official is missing than a club AR should be asked to step in. At no time should a two man system be used.

3. Number of Referees (Under 9 and Under 10) - The under 9 and under 10 divisions utilize on one referee.

4. Inclement Weather - There may be times that a club or Parks Department decide to cancel games in order to avoid damage to fields and that circumstance is out of the control of all parties. But assuming that the hosting club or Park has opened their field to play it is up to the senior most official to determine the playing conditions for the match about to be played. If there are no games following the scheduled match and the game can be delayed all efforts should be made to see that the game is played on the date scheduled.

5. It shall be the responsibility of the center referee to report the official score of each game to the League Administrator within 24 hours of the game completion.

Section VIII: League Rules

1. Divisions - Within the KASL divisions will be formed to create competitions for single birth years and sexes. It may be necessary in order to assist with proper scheduling to allow cross division or cross sex games that shall be given every consideration to the quality of competition. Further within large groups of teams the KASL will establish divisions of play thus creating more competitive competition. It shall be up to the Technical and Rules Committee to determine the proper placement of teams within the divisions. Promotion and relegation between divisions shall be required of the top team in a lower division and the last place team in an upper division at the end of each semester. Other teams may apply for consideration for promotion or relegation to the Technical and Rules Committee as necessary. Divisions shall carry numerical names starting with one and continuing as needed.

2. Team eligibility - Any team meeting the age group requirements may enter that particular age group. If after one semester the Technical and Rules Committee decides that a team entered within a specific division would be better served in a different division and they qualify for entry into a lower division that team will be required to move to the lower division.

3. Player eligibility - All players must possess a player ID card as provided through an approved US Soccer affiliated organization. As long as the player has a valid player pass for the Club for which they are playing and they meet the age requirement of the division in which they are playing they are eligible to play. At no time however may a team use more than the following number of players in any one game:

  • under 9 & under 10 - minimum roster size 7 & maximum game day roster 14
  • under 11 & under 12 - minimum roster size 9 & maximum game day roster 16
  • under 13 and above - minimum roster size 11 & maximum game day roster 18
  • * No guest players from outside of a member club may be used within league matches.

4. Standings and Rankings (under 9 and under 10) - No official standings or rankings shall be made public for these ages but scores will be recorded and distributed to all Club Administrators. Standings will be kept and distributed and used for the purpose of divisional distribution but not for public display.

5. Standings and Rankings (under 11 and above) - For the purposes of all age groups above under 11 standings will be kept and published regularly. Standings will be based upon the following criteria with a champion being named at the end of each semester in each division:

Section IX: Ejections and Discipline

1. All ejections of coaches, assistant coaches, parents, managers, or spectators during any League game shall be fined by the League and is in addition to any suspension(s). Fines shall be set by the League Director and start at $250.

2. A second send-off or ejection of a coach, assistant coach, parent, manager, or spectator instructed to leave during any KASL game shall be fined by KASL and is in addition to any suspension. Fines shall be set by the League Director and start at $500.

League Members Allowed by State Population

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